Host a Bus Trip

Organizing a Bus Trip to ISAF!

Traveling to ISAF as a group always adds to the fun! We invite guilds, travel agents and other groups to charter a bus and join the fun at ISAF! Not only will you leave the driving (and parking!) to someone else, but you'll save money!

ISAF Bus Trip Program

Follow the steps below to ensure you're ready for ISAF!

  1. Complete the Google Form Below.

  2. Our Staff will get you the welcome letter by October 1, until then we will retain your completed form in our office.

  3. If you want to receive your tickets in the mail prior to the show, we must have your payment in our office by December 27, 2021.

  4. If you cannot mprovide payment by December 27, 2021, we will mail you a letter, map and window sign for the bus. Our Bus Greeting Hostess will have your tickets for you based on the number of individuals you have told us will be arriving. Acceptable forms of payment at the show are check/cash only. We cannot accept credit cards at the show.

  5. If you need additional tickets upon arrival for late additions we can provide you tickets with cash/check payment only.

  6. Refunds for unused tickets are not available at the show. Please provide the unused ticket and name for refund check in a self addressed stamped envelope inside another sealed envelope and give it to the bus greeters. Your refund check will be processed 2-3 weeks after the conclusion of the Road show (the week after ISAF).

  7. Combined tickets for both ISAF and Road to California Quilters' Conference are also available. Please contact our office for more details and information.

Ticket Costs

Tickets for a bus trip of 30 or more are only $4 (a savings of $5 per person.) We will extend another discount for tickets paid via cash/check of $1 per ticket. The ticket is valid for all show days. Please Note: ticekts are only available for those attendees arriving on a bus. You cannot purchase additional tickets to sell to your guild members who are not arriving on the bus.

Acceptable forms of payment include: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, cash or checks.

You must register your bus using the form below to qualify for the discounted ticket price. If you do not register your bus using the form below the cost for tickets are $9 per person.

Bus Parking

Street parking around the Ontario Convention Center is extremely limited. Please do not expect to be able to park your bus on the street. Parking passes are available for purchase in advanced for $40 per day. If you do not pre-pay your bus parking availability is not guaranteed and the price increases to $60.